Regus Workplace Recovery team at New Zealand’s ITx Rutherford conference


Regus Workplace Recovery team at New Zealand’s ITx Rutherford conference

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The Regus team will attend leading tech event ITx Rutherford in NZ to promote its Disaster Recovery Solutions and meet regional businesses


This month, Regus will attend ITx Rutherford in New Zealand, the nation’s premier tech conference.

Taking place in Nelson this year, the event is all about innovation, technology and education. Delegates include IT professionals, decision-makers, leaders and academics, who come together to network and engage with the current issues today’s tech industry is taking on.

Regus will attend as a sponsor of the conference, ready to build relationships and spread the word about how its flexible workspace can help businesses continue operating as much as possible when disaster strikes. By providing modern, fully-equipped disaster-recovery office space for companies when their main headquarters become inaccessible during a disruptive event, Regus can help businesses keep running during challenging times.

“Regus is the only organisation that can provide a Dynamic Workplace Recovery environment where clients don’t have to rely on a single site for recovery,” says Mitesh Shah, Director of Workplace Recovery in the Asia Pacific region for Regus parent company IWG. “They have access to a range of centres where they can opt for ‘employee-centric’ recovery options, where employees can be relocated to work from a centre closer to their home.”

Regus is sponsoring ITx Rutherford for the first time to promote its Workplace Recovery portfolio to companies in New Zealand. “Regus has a significant presence in New Zealand, both in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington where most of the commercial business happens,” says Shah. “Our network of centres in New Zealand gives risk directors in New Zealand the ability to choose from multiple centres in either Auckland or Wellington, depending on the nature of crisis incident.”

Due to its geographic location, New Zealand has an increased risk of natural disasters – such as flooding and earthquakes – so regional businesses must factor this in to their disaster-recovery plan (as well as more everyday risks).

“New Zealand has faced a number of disruptions in the past two or three years, which has increased the overall profile of the region,” says Shah. “Organisations are now looking to improve their resilience quotient and we wish to create awareness about the Regus Workplace Recovery portfolio through this conference.”

As well as highlighting the benefits of having flexible workspace on standby in the event of disaster, Regus would like to meet regional tech companies at ITx Rutherford who may benefit from using its locations on a more regular basis. Compared to conventional office space, flexspace offers businesses the option of shorter leases, and the chance to upscale or downsize the amount of space they are using depending on their current needs (rather than being locked in to a long-term, fixed lease that becomes unsuitable as growth plans change). This is something that particularly appeals to fledgling businesses and startups trying to keep their costs down.

Sam Mullholland, founder and director of Standby Consulting, who has worked in the business continuity and disaster-recovery industry for more than 20 years, is also a tenant at Regus Dunedin, New Zealand. He describes how opting for flexspace helps manage the company’s overheads: “Because we are global, one of our key challenges is overhead costs. At one point the falling oil prices in the Middle East meant we were getting pressured and weren’t getting the business we wanted. This led to payments being slow, so we decided to cut our costs.”

To achieve this, Standby Consulting decreased the amount of office space they were leasing, and started using Regus Dunedin. “We have been with them for two years now and have had a great experience. As a consulting company we now have a lot of flexibility and fewer overheads. Regus has excellent facilities and a great network, so internet and reachability is never an issue. In any city, if there is a Regus office nearby, we have the option of going in and using their facilities.”

Mullholland says there are many hidden benefits that come with a coworking set-up. “We got a professional receptionist answering our phones and greeting our guests. It’s also an excellent chance for us to network with other people and businesses, which helps to broaden your knowledge.”


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