What is a virtual office?

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And how can it help your business?


If you’re reading this article at work, it’s likely that your current ‘office’ is your home. The events of early 2020 have propelled the concept of remote working from a growing trend to a necessity for a large portion of the world’s workforce. Seemingly overnight, many people and businesses have realised that normal work can still take place, even if they aren’t sitting in the same room as their boss and colleagues. 

Even when the world returns to normal, it’s likely that some elements of this virtual workplace will remain. Businesses that were previously forced to cut costs will soon start to think about growing again. And for many, a virtual office environment could provide the flexible and cost-efficient support they need.


What exactly is a virtual office? It is a registered business address with the administrative functions of a traditional office. Gone is the expense and hassle of maintaining an actual bricks-and-mortar work environment. Within the world of virtual offices, daily operations like call-taking and mail-handling can be completely taken care of on a company’s behalf by a workspace provider like Regus. 

Although a virtual office does occupy a physical location, its main role is to provide a suite of service-based solutions that allow a company to remotely connect with clients, employees and suppliers – and to create and maintain a solid presence in any market or territory of the company’s choosing.


The benefits of virtual offices extend beyond administrative tasks. A virtual workspace can be a relatively risk-free way for a company to explore a new market or employ a local expert in a fresh territory on an extremely cost-efficient basis.

One small example is that of the fixed landline that comes with a virtual office: rather than rely on mobile phones and roaming charges, a business can run its overseas operations more cheaply and with no extra cost to clients wishing to communicate across time zones. Those companies just starting out – that need to be more mindful than most of when, where and how resources are being invested – might also wish to consider a virtual office.

Regus provides virtual offices to a variety of businesses all over the world – and with 3,400 locations (and growing) to choose from, it’s possible to establish a global presence and operate on a global scale with none of the investment required by traditional bricks and mortar. No maintenance fees or subscriptions for computer hardware and other equipment mean that costs are kept to a minimum.

From startups to conglomerates, an increasing number of savvy companies are discovering there are flexible plans to suit business operations all shapes and sizes – will yours be next? 


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